Rainy Days on the Dock.

We believe things need to be romanticized, made better than they are, by shining light on the positives. It's our little way of making the world a better place. Positive news make positive thoughts make positive lives. We know it sounds cheesy and if you need some complaining there is a whole world of it out there. The things that need to change are listed in great detail from every view point. Become the change. Any who...we will now dawn our rose colored glasses and write in long thought about what's happinin...


Well winter has finally reached Florida. At the cove here at Riverside Marina the jackets are out and the rain is falling.. The last few sailors that are trying to get across the Gulf Stream are cursing their “to do” list and last fall’s laziness. The Bahamas call and the Islands beckon us.  A few manatees lounge about under and in the remaining vessels.

The full timers that live and work at the marina are noticing the boats missing like teeth from a sunnier smile…The docks are empty but our commercial fishermen remain. They break the morning silence and push back the dark as they make their way to the fishing grounds.  Returning in the afternoon they clean and scrub there boats prepare to hold court on their boats. Into the night men discuss the day's catch under florescent neon lights. It all looks much harsher then the warm glow of the port lights on the cruiser's sailboats. It must be said that despite their loudness and their roughness they are fine men living by the old rules.

There are always a few wharf rats about, a relic from a lost time. I believe some of these men to literally be the descendants of pirates. After all, this is the Treasure Coast. If you know your history the pirates were the discarded casualties of a war between Kings on the far side of the world. The wreckers still drink into the night and play music by the water even if it is amplified by an old Fender Box set.

Our Work progresses unrushed by plan or scheme. The interior’s wood work is almost complete. And we hope to have her sea worthy by the end of February. A lot of surf has been missed this winter both here and places we wish we were. To our friends we apologize for our absence. We will be back to the party soon, but don’t wait on us.


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  • What a lovely post. Perfect read with my morning coffee :-)

    Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor
  • This post is lovely. And also it was on my birthday. Thanks for writing with such love. I had a clear visual in my mind of all the things you spoke of…thank you friend.

  • I’m so excited for your family adventures! And I love that you’re blogging about it, so that you can spread the word that anyone can live a life of freedom, if they choose. Drew and I will follow your adventures and maybe even meet up with you somewhere one day!

    Maria Brophy
  • beautiful post…


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