About Us


Welcome to Off Island Studio - the maker, design and gallery space of husband and wife team - Linwood and Saskia. 

The idea for Off Island Studio was born on a breezy late afternoon in St.Thomas a few weeks after the first encounter of German born Saskia and surf traveler Linwood. The initial idea had been to open a craft school, but opportunity presented itself in September 2011, when the couple opened their first Art Studio in the Art Bank in Ft. Pierce, Florida. There they shared Gallery space with 45 other artists in a co-op like setting of a 1920's Bank building.

In 2015 they took a leap of faith and opened their own space in an industrial warehouse close to the Vero Beach airport.  The space allowed for big art installations and monthly exhibits and the two artists explored different ideas for the future of their space, before deciding for another change of venue - this time the studio came in the form of a somewhat untraditional space - a sailboat. 

The idea was to get inspiration from the travel and create while travelling. After 3 years of inspiration gathering the two are back in Vero Beach and are opening their doors of Off Island Studio in the Edgewood Art Village.