Village News

Welcome to the new location of our future maker, design and gallery space. Our vision for Off Island Studio will be an ever changing and evolving space that welcomes both local and international artists, designers and creators of anything extraordinary and interesting.
The Vero Beach Art Village encompasses the Edgewood neighborhood - an area located south of Route 60, between 14th and 20th Avenues. It borders on the flourishing Vero Beach Art District and Design District. 
A Design workshop held in September 2015 involving architects, urban planners, residents, community leaders and historic preservationists initiated the ideas for this big project. 
Imagine a vibrant neighborhood where artists, creative professionals and residents can live, work and sell out of their homes. We hope to create mixed-use residential and business neighborhood that supports all artists - visual, performing, culinary - and grows into its own self-sustaining area - no cars needed.
The vision for the Village is one of retrofitting rather than redevelopment, preserving structures, street layouts and motifs. 
The plan for the development of the Arts Village was adopted by the Vero Beach City Council and has been incorporated into the Vero Beach Comprehensive Plan.