Molly's History and how we got here....

Our story begins on an island and like most great stories - with falling in love.  On our second date motorcycle trips through Africa were talked about, living on a boat was dreamed about and on a more conservative note, we thought about opening an art school. We uttered words like: Our bags are packed!  And that pretty much sums up how this all started.

Linwood and Saskia


 We should have known that our adventures together would eventually lead us to her.

2015 - Enter Molly - 

A  journey of perseverance and endurance 

Boat Name: Molly

Engine Name : Grace

Make: 462 Morgan


This is a video capturing the history of our boat with a previous owner. We hope to continue her adventure. The back story in the first video starts with his trimaran that he sailed around the world. Our Molly was with him when he did Cape Horn.